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    -Lately I've been considering getting a new phone , now the two best options i saw in my opinion were either the Nexus 6P or the Galaxy S7 Edge.
    Now the big advantages so i've heard the S7 Has over the 6P are :
    A generally better Camera - 6P's Lack of OIS and the less better Auto focus make this one generally better in addittion to better color reproduction and saturation.

    -Significantly MUCH better Battery Life

    -Benchmarks speak Performance But i'm not sure that's really a factor , i'm not a phone gamer or anything i usually just use it for media consumption and communicating.

    Now what makes me scared of making the step it takes to go and purchase the phone are a few reasons :

    I am afraid of the whole "there are no good screen protectors" situation. especially if i'm going to put a back case on it which will probably go around the edges a tad bit too , it'll make the screen protector peel off in no time , at least that's what i've gotten from a lot of S7 Edge owners.

    I'm Really Really afraid of the non fluidity i've sensed in many samsung devices before , now i have heard that there is such an improvement over the new launcher , and yet i'm probably going to use Good Lock and Google Now Launcher because i'm used to it as i am an owner of a good old Nexus 5 At the moment. So is the phone slow ? if i disable the bloatware would it still be ? Does it slow over time? Because after having my Nexus 5 for a good solid almost 3 years it still runs beautifully i must say .. No lag whatsoever moving around my home screen or app drawer nor scrolling web and stuff like that. would the experience be better on the 6P or would it not have any influence if i choose to go with the S7 edge and install the Google Launcher and a few extra tweaks to make it near stock. I'd love to hear from any of you who have moved from a nexus and loved it to a Galaxy phone and say how you felt about it over time.

    The fingerprint sensor :
    Now of course i never had a phone with a fingerprint sensor before , that doesnt mean i wouldn't like getting used to one I have pretty darn small hands so even when using my nexus 5 I dont tend to use it one handed but i do unlock it with one hand and i love doing it , always have. The nexus 6P has the great well known Imprint that people love as i have heard and i'm not sure about the placement of the S7 Edge one , an also being the phone that has the Mechanical home button and having to press it to get the fingerprint sensor to work kind of makes it a bummer.

    Now the fourth and last thing i have been afraid of is having to use a Mechanical home button. Nexus's on screen home back and background apps buttons are just my way , not that i've tried anything different recently to be honest but i just really like them as far as i know. So here i would really like to hear specifically about people who had Nexus phones and decided to switch to a Galaxy and how they dealt with the transaction with using the button once again.

    All in all I'm really hesitant to make the purchase before being sure since i am going to keep the phone i choose to buy for a long period of time and would like to hear from you Nexus guys who moved to a Galaxy , maybe specifically the two phones i've mentioned above and even installed and tweaked their galaxies to be a bit more like stock android and hear how you liked both , why or why not.

    Thank you all in advance any help and opinion is much much appreciated !
    02-01-2017 12:12 PM

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