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    My Samsung Galaxy Ace i589 is stuck on Samsung Logo for hours and nothing is happening.I tried all solutions available on internet like re-inserting battery and stuff but it was no help at all.As for the recovery menu and download menu, they won't open.It was working fine few hours ago , after that I inserted my portable power bank in it and left it.When I returned I found it had been switched off probably because powerbank was empty too so I connected it to wall charger and then there was not even the battery animation that is supposed to be there.Only a faint light.All Details are like this:
    -If I switch it off after removing battery and then switch it on by pressing power button,It will be stuck on Samsung Logo and if I keep power button pressed the Samsung Logo will keep reappearing
    -If i plug in charger when it is turned off only a faint light will appear and then it will go after few minutes and it will happen all over again

    My battery is working fine because I put it in another phone for test and it is not swelled up at all.
    I want a way so that it boots atleast one time so I can recover some information that I stored in Memo app and then format it.

    Or is there any other way to format it without recovery mode or going into settings of phone?

    Please Help!!
    02-03-2017 12:47 AM

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