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    I have an HTC desire 826 that I bought 3 years back. I'm currently having the following issues on my phone (please help!) :

    1. The backlight of phone suddenly goes off every 5-10 minutes which is super annoying because I have to then restart my phone every time this happens! And just a few seconds after restarting, the backlight goes off again. The screen just blacks out. When I hold the power button and repeatedly press the button just to see if it gets illuminated, my screen flickers for a second and boom it goes back to black. The cycle goes on.

    2. The panel/bar at the top of the home screen that has time, wifi and all the other notifications that has to be dragged down also goes missing at times.

    The bottom panel that has 3 shortcuts- the "go back" option, the option to go back to the "home screen", and the "tab" option also goes missing.

    I don't know why this is happening. Is this because of a hardware or software problem on my phone? Is it because of Virus? Or it it because of over-charging? Or because of removing my sim-card without first switching off my phone?

    This is really frustrating and I need help. What should I do? Please throw in some suggestions.
    02-03-2017 05:56 AM

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