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    I have an alcatel pixi 4 (4034X) and for the most part its adequate for my needs.

    I just have a significant problem.

    Certain apps (and it really is only certain apps) that I have installed myself are removed after the phone reboots.

    The are actually uninstalled - Not just their shortcuts missing from the home screen.

    It does not seem to be sd card related because it also happens to apps installed to internal memory.

    This was only a minor annoyance before. A few games I tried out were removed (I forget which ones). FX file explorer was being removed until I set it to run from internal memory.

    Hovever I like and have used ScummVM a lot in the past and this is also getting unistalled and it doesn't matter if I store it on sd or internal ram it is always being removed.

    Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening. The phone is not rooted. I may root it in future but with the pixi 4 it's too much hastle as it would require a factory reset and all the pain of re-configuring and reinstalling apps that that takes.
    02-03-2017 10:07 AM

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