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    Motorola Droid Maxx on KitKat 4.4.4-

    I originally purchased and set this phone up nearly 3 years ago. Lately I have been experiencing VERY poor battery life, so I decided it was time to do a complete reset with the hopes of getting rid of all the leftovers from misc. apps installed/uninstalled over the years. This part worked - my battery is back to lasting several days instead of barely one.

    My problem is that I can't get any of my pictures, videos, texts, phone logs, etc. back on my phone. Before I reset, I did this:
    1) made a full copy of everything on the phone to my PC. I believe the phone was rooted (again, its been nearly 3 years since I set it up) as I used to be able to see EVERYTHING on the phone when connected to my PC - 33 folders and 3 files for 1.9GB. Now when I plug the phone into the PC I can only see 2 folders, DCIM and ???.
    2) Made both a FULL and APP ONLY backup using Helium backup. Stupidly, this app only has the option to do a FULL restore, so eventually out of frustration I did this but still no pictures, texts, etc. - just all the crap apps I wanted to get rid of.
    3) Made a full backup on my PC and Google using SMS Backup and Restore. Problem is now I can't get SMS B&R to 'see' the backup location on my PC and trying to backup from Google drive says either "authentication failed" or when it does seem to go through it says "no backup files were found".
    4) Did the "back up my data" in Settings/Backup my data. But, since the reset I don't see any option for restore, only backup my data again.

    So the phone is functional and battery life seems much improved. BUT,
    - missing tons of stuff that I want put back (texts, pics, call logs, etc.)
    - Helium put back tons of crap apps again that I don't want
    - Root checker now says phone is not properly rooted - can I get this back?
    - How do I get to where I can see everything on the phone via PC as before? (I always had ES File Checker installed and it's re installed now but it looks totally different)

    02-03-2017 11:15 AM

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