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    I have just received an samsung galaxy s6 with a black screen and solid blue led, when it's turned on the blue led comes on and stays on but I don't feel it vibrate but I hear the camera make a noise but I have tried everything possible, using all reset button combinations and so on but no luck, the only thing that happens is up the right hand side of the screen flashes very quickly green and seems to fade half way across the screen as the rest is just black! The phone doesn't seem to turn off either, taken it apart checked all connectors and cables but can't see anything wrong, alot of wear and tear on the back of the lcd and a rip in the red heat proof section, I'm starting to lean towards heat damage but I'm unsure as I've never come across this before and I thought the phone would of still worked even with the screen been black but the solid blue light and the fact restart doesn't work make me think something more serious is damaged.

    Any input would be great as I'm really stuck and don't wanna buy a new screen if it's not the screen that broken (I have a video of the screen flashing green on one side if anyone needs to see it)
    02-04-2017 03:05 PM
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    Try to call the device. If it rings, it's your screen. Replace it
    02-04-2017 10:25 PM

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