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    I have a problem with the 3rd Party Spotify Plug-In from Triode. When I searched e.g. for an artist, click on the artist and want to play a mix of the artist or of similar artist, clicking on it doesn't work very often. and if I click the "+" button, there is written "loading" on the pup up windows and nothing is happening. I think is is in some way not a problem of your app, but also of the Server (latest version 7.9 running on a qnap NAS x86) or the plug-in, as it is also a bit of a problem in the web interface. But I think it could be handled by having a "play" button instead of this "+" button. 'Cause when I do it like that from the web interface, (just clicking the play button that is coming up when I am hovering over the entry), it's working.

    So my question is: Could you make it possible in your app, to just send the "play" impulse to the server in addition to show all possibilities over the "+" button?

    Best regards,

    02-05-2017 04:29 AM

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