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    Verizon support is having a problem adding my phone to the network. I have their service so no port is needed. I'm just trying to keep my service and add my new phone. The customer service person couldn't find the imei number in their system initially.
    When I went to the store they said the same thing, but I was getting a 4g at the top of my phone, no calling service though. The tech support I spoke to today had me turn my iMessage off, turn off find my iPhone, and turn the phone off completely. She said it's showing the unknown Verizon phone and the imei number came up and was trying to connect to the network. But tower service kept flipping on and off. Is there a setting that I can change on the phone to get my phone to operate on their network. It's an international unlocked phone from Samsung. I know it works on AT&T network because I stopped by their store and the guy put in one of their SIM cards from a demo and it made calls, but I'm trying to keep my current service. Tech support person said it could be a bad SIM card or there is a setting on the phone blocking the phone from accepting the network. Loving the, but need to get it to work. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    02-06-2017 01:18 AM

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