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    Hi. I,m a beginner runner just going on to 8 km 3 times a week. And so far I love my gear fit 2, its helped me a lot though there are a few improvements it could use to be perfect but that´s for another thread.
    My problem is this, when I first bought my gear fit 2 I also bought a pair of altec lansing MID#2711015 I believe from home depot and they worked exactly the way I wanted. I like to stream music from the internet specifically an app from DI.FM and every 0.5Km the music would cut put and the gear fit 2 would update me on my run which is exactly what I want, unfortunately as soon as my ears begin to get sweaty the ear buds start sliding off and it becomes quite annoying. So I bought a pair of SENSO IPX7 which i got on sale for $40 when they were listed for $169 far mor expensive then the Altec Lansing, but they would only catch either the di or the gear fit 2 even though both were paired, I just recently bought a pair of 66audioBTS that claims it has multipoint connectivity for another $40 but has the same problem. both are more expensive by far then the altec lansing and certainly more comfortable for long runs but do a worse job on connectivity. This is really spoiling my runs and I´m wondering if I´m doing something wrong. please let me know.
    02-11-2017 04:59 PM

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