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    I just received a SM-T705Y, KitKat. When I am in only some applications not all, the screen shuts completely off when my finger passes over the two sensors/camera near the word "SAMSUNG" at the top of the device. I have tested the cause and done it repeatedly by putting a small piece of black electrical tape on the sensor.
    With the tape on the sensor, the screen never shuts off. The screen then will come back on several seconds after I remove my finger/tape from the sensor. Also, I do not have to actually touch the sensor to get the screen to turn off. But it activates the lock screen when it does turn off. ANNOYING !!!
    My SM-T705Y is not rooted. It is in developer mode.
    I think its the sensor that turns the screen off when you take a phone call is still stuck on ???
    I have the phone proximity sensor turned off in: Settings> (When I'm the phone screen The screen stays on.)
    Auto adjust screen tone : ON
    Auto brightness is off
    I have the "Smart Stay" turned off in: Settings>Device>Display.
    Screen timeout set to 10 minutes. Screen mode set to "AMOLED Cinema"
    I have restarted, not rebooted the SM-T705Y.
    How can I get control over this sensor to only work on the phone screen without using the service mode ? *#0*#

    02-12-2017 11:44 AM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Sounds like the sensor is working like it is supposed to.
    When you are in a call and put the phone up to your ear, the screen gets turned off to prevent your face from pushing buttons.
    When you put the phone in your pocket, the screen gets turned off to prevent your leg from pressing buttons.

    If your phone has a way to turn off the sensor, and if you have turned it off, and if the sensor is still active, then there would be a problem. Is this the bad behavior you are seeing?
    02-12-2017 04:22 PM

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