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    Hi, I recently bought an HTC one M8 with a broken screen. I bought a new screen and did the change over only to find that one of the cables was a different length and the phone wouldn't start up. I put everything back into my old screen and the phone worked again. I still have to buy another screen.
    I have noticed however that some icons are not working i.e. the time icons gives me 'events/calendar' so I cannot access alarms though the last one set still works. Also under 'power' there is no fast boot option. (There may be others I have not yet noticed).
    Is it possible that more damage has been done to the screen during replacement? Do you think a factory reset would solve it or should I wait to find out if a new screen will correct things? I am more used to working with computers than phones and have always had very simple one's in the past. Can you comment on cheap versions of the screens and where to get the correct one? Much obliged.
    02-13-2017 06:38 AM

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