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    I recently started using an LG G2 (on AT&T) that had been unused for a year or two, and despite going through a hard reset the phone has been laggy from the moment I picked it up. Swiping between screens is delayed, swiping between apps is delayed, typing is delayed and frequently results in half a word being deleted only to be replaced by the last few letters I typed or a random space. The screen double-taps-to-wake quickly but is slow to actually open to my home screen. This has happened despite the fact that the phone has been unused for a year and a half and has been through 3 hard resets.
    And yet at times the UI runs buttery smooth like it's supposed to, but never for long.
    It seems to happen independent of how many apps are running. Clearing the task/app manager does nothing to fix it. There is no cause/reason for those times when it runs smoothly. I pick it up and it "just works" for 2-3 minutes and then starts lagging again, or I pick it up and it lags the entire time. Additionally, it has started randomly shutting down sometime when swiping across screens.
    Any ideas?
    02-16-2017 10:53 AM

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