1. AC Question's Avatar
    Basically, what I want is this:

    1. Incoming email is checked against folder filters.
    2. If if matches any of those filters, it goes into that folder only.
    3. Any non-matching emails go to the inbox generally.
    4. When I open the mail app, I want to be shown that general inbox.
    5. To see an email that matched a filter, I have to click on its folder, where I see *only* emails that match that filter.

    I want it this way because I get a lot of automated mail from different sources, and I can usually ignore them or they aren't actionable. They go into a variety of folders that I can use to modulate my work flow. However, it seems like on most android mail clients that the inbox view shows you all email in all folders. I want to have to click on a folder in order to see email for that folder.

    I've tried looking through the stock mail app on Android 7 and using Blue Mail, but neither of those appear to support it.

    Note that it works this way in Thunderbird, as will as the iOS mail app. Also note that the email is an Office365 account, but I connect to it using IMAP.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    02-16-2017 03:02 PM
  2. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    Google Inbox app
    02-16-2017 03:14 PM
  3. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    I admit that I have played with very few Android email apps, but as a software engineer I can easily say that any app that shows a merged inbox as the only way to see the inbox is a poorly designed app.

    I use "Aqua Mail" for what little email I do on my phone. Using the IMAP protocol multiple folders can be synced to your phone and they remain as multiple folders.
    02-16-2017 05:31 PM

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