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    I have a question about dual "stand-up" behaviour of Samsung Galaxy S7.
    I have Ulefone Paris now but want better phone. According to Paris specs, the dual sim option is stand-by, but I have both sim cards active, with having my personal card set as preferred for mobile data, and for sms and calling the phone has to ask me which sim card I want to use. I normally have data on and colleague can call me on my work sim card even when I'm scrolling Facebook using data from my personal card..
    BUT when I was looking for Samsung Galaxy S7 specs I found that the second sim is only "stand-by" (having no idea that my Paris is described as also only "stand-by") and when I Googled it some people said that difference between "active" and "stand-by" is that you can use actively only one card unless you manually switch, including data usage...
    This confuses so me so I have to ask someone with real experience with Galaxy S7, can I actively use data on Sim1 (scrolling FB or Tumblr, typing message in WhatsApp...) and still receive a phone call from Sim2. I know I cannot receive two calls at the same time, which doesn't bother me, but I want to be able to use internet from my personal card while not missing an important call from work sim card.... Does it make sense? It work with Ulefone Paris, but I'm afraid to purchase another "stand-by" when some people say I cannot have both cards active together as I do now...

    Second questions :-D If I use two sim cards in Samsung I won't be able to use SD card, is the 32G space enough for all Social Media apps and couple of images, like up to 100.. I was used to store most of stuff on the SD card so I'm not sure how much I will miss to not have that option. I'm not downloading movies and also not hard core gamer, just need social media apps, some space for images, Google maps, couple of dictionaries, diary and handy stuff like this)

    When I think about it, Paris is pretty cool phone, but it's not Samsung and you can pretty much see why is it so cheap when comparing to expensive phones..

    02-17-2017 04:22 AM

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