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    Each time I try to sign in ,says çinvorrect email or passwordç. When I request password to be sent to 'xxxx@gmail.com', it says a new password change will be sent to 'Xxx@hotmail.com'. I have never had a 'Hotmail account'! I did stop at Metro pcs to see why my music had not been transferred to new phone. I VERY briefly saw another email address when he put in an app that I did not ask for, stating that he downloaded the app because it was what he used. (It did not solve the problem). I also was going to buy online a few minutes ago and that site also said my email was ' Invalid'. After having a Metro pcs person add his email to my Google account without me knowing (found it added by accident- I asked your site a few months ago about this... I AM pretty paranoid about privacy/security when someone I don't know decides to add their account/email to my phone. Especially after I told a cop/detective friend who looked at the email the metro guy added- cop friend VERY Upset and relayed info to and had Google remove the guy's email from Google End. Google also relayed info to police. I don't know where to look for this current guy's email to remove it. Tried under settings/accounts but that did not show up like my other Samsung droid. Samsung On5, which is awful- very difficult to work, as much less/different formats than any Samsung I have ever had. Please help me to log in to Android Central forums...! Thx
    02-19-2017 02:51 AM

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