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    I'm an ***** when it comes to knowing and understanding my phone, but even that said, I feel like something g is not right. Right after I got my phone, I went out of town and left the phone with my boyfriend. Now there are these apps that I swear weren't there before. Other apps that have been cashed out and I don't understand why. Other apps that I don't know and or understand the perpus of. There are just a lot of things GS that don't make sense to me. I've been looking up apps that I find in my phone online to see what they do but it's hard to keep track of everything. He says I'm tripping but then for instance... Why are so many of these apps taking up so much space? Like contacts is using 28Kb but contact storage is using 820Kb. Google activity shows 'used com.android.mms' ia few times in a row before and after it said used 'com.android.contacts'. I didn't send any messages, did someone? Can you tell me how I can find out if I'm going nuts for a reason? There's a lot more that seems fishy to me, but I guess I'll just start with this. Please help
    02-19-2017 12:22 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone do you have? Contact storage will take up space if you have any contacts saved (and 820K is a pretty small amount). com.android.mms is just related to the texting app (if someone used it to send or receive MMS messages, which means picture texts).

    Apps take up space -- it would be helpful to know which apps you're concerned about. Remember that there are many apps related to the system that are preinstalled.
    02-19-2017 02:00 PM

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