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    I was able to connect my phone to my PC via USB and it showed up in win explorer just fine then suddenly it stopped. It charges via usb just fine but it no longer shows up in explorer. I don't know what changed. I may have disabled something but I don't know what. I can't find any USB or MTP settings anywhere on my phone.
    I can't find any other places to look for a solution.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    02-21-2017 08:23 PM
  2. stephan3325's Avatar
    I had the exact same problem on an LG stylo. This is what worked for me, after literally slamming my fist on my computer desk and two hours on the internet. First, turn on developer settings. To do this, go into setting, tap "about phone" scroll down to "build number" and tap that five or six times, right in a row. I mean that. Then it will say "you are now a developer".
    Then, go into developer settings, and scroll WAY down until you see "Select USB configuration", it will probably be set to "charging only". Tap that, and one of the options on the menu will be "MTP". Click that, and your phone will now connect to your PC.

    Hope that helped. I know next to nothing about this stuff, so follow up questions to me are hopeless. But others might take it up if you ask.
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    03-14-2017 01:44 AM
  3. mmfsdjw's Avatar
    I'm the OP, I finally found the solution. It was the USB cable. I had no realized that I had changed cables to one that is apparently not made to transfer data. I didn't actually know that was a thing but now I do. All is right with the world again.
    03-15-2017 05:40 PM

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