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    I got a new phone with 6.0 and this is driving me insane. My old one on 4.3 always had the buttons at the bottom, and that was fine. Whenever I wanted to press one, it was there (unless the entire phone is unresponsive). And since it was always present, any apps would be entirely contained in the space above. This is my desired functionality.

    But now it does neither of these things. When I first start up an app, the bar at the bottom overlaps with the app itself, covering up other necessary UI elements that I need to interact with the app to get anything done. Tapping elsewhere on the screen does not help, so all I can do is wait for a minute until the useless buttons fade away, uncovering those beneath it. My phone is essentially rendered completely inoperable during this time.

    Then, almost as annoyingly, after I'm through using the app, I have no menu button to close it, launch another app, to text or make calls. I'm stuck in the app that I no longer need with no way out, because the necessary functionality is arbitrarily withheld. My only option is to turn off the phone or start up the camera, since those are the only working buttons, and then quit from there. Thankfully, physical buttons haven't completely gone out of style yet.

    So what can I do besides return the phone and get one with a sensible interface? They were both Sony Xperia models, so I had ignorantly expected them to work similarly to each other.
    02-23-2017 07:34 PM
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    What you are describing is a coding error by the developer of the app you are using.
    He is trying to use the "hide toolbar" feature, but he is not getting it quite right for his app.
    If the app has a "send feedback" option in the settings, send a comment outlining the problem as you have done here.
    If the app does not have a feedback option, go to the app's page in the Google Play Store, find the developer's email.
    02-24-2017 02:39 AM

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