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    Since Android 7, I have a major issue with my HTC 10 and the Mazda MZ-D connect system. If you leave the pairing on the phone and car, when it reconnects it only has media player as an option, the phone doesn't connect and if you try and reconnect the phone, it states that it can't load the phone profile. The partial solution I have found is to delete the devices in the bluetooth screen on both the car and phone and then reconnect and even this isn't reliable, the system transferred a call from the car to the phone without me asking today, not exactly convenient.......

    HTC have stated that there is a know issue between MZ-D Connect and Android 7.0 but there isn't currently a solution???

    Anyone else aware of the problem and is a solution being worked on? Have also contacted Mazda via an MZ-D connect support page but am not hopeful....

    02-28-2017 10:13 AM

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