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    My Huawei P9 has a broken screen - it only shows vertical lines in shades of blue.

    I know I need to have it repaired, but the insurance want to swap my phone for a new one. So I'm looking for a way to transfer my latest saved photos and videos to my PC before resetting the phone and removing all data.

    Problem is, when I connect the phone to my PC, I know the phone shows a small black box with options of enabling pictures or data, but the default is "only charge".

    I really can't remember where on the screen that box is located, so I'm searching for someone with a Huawei P9 to take a screenshot of that black box with the choices, so I can guess where to press the screen to allow my PC to connect and fetch the data. If anyone can help, PLEASE just post a picture.
    03-03-2017 10:49 AM

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