1. AC Question's Avatar
    Every day, when I turn on my Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet, the Pinterest app has disappeared off of the home screen. It is still in my app drawer and I have to drag it back to the home screen.
    03-03-2017 05:57 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Is it only the Pinterest shortcut that disappears? What if you place other shortcuts on the homescreen -- do they all remain?
    03-04-2017 02:34 AM
  3. Nahb's Avatar
    I have this same problem. Only Pinterest does this.
    03-05-2017 02:05 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    You installed the app from the Play Store, and not from any other source, right? Did you move the app to the SD card (in the App Manager)?

    I assume you have a Galaxy Tab 4 tablet, not an S4 tablet (the S4 is a phone, and there's a Galaxy Tab S3 coming out soon).
    03-05-2017 04:21 PM
  5. Paul Alexander49's Avatar
    I've have the same problem for about the last 6 months on Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5.0). It disappears after about 3 weeks and has done so now several times. Installed from play store, of 100 plus apps, it's the only icon that disappears
    03-23-2017 09:43 AM
  6. Dancing Petal's Avatar
    I have exactly the same problem on my Samsung galaxy GT N5120 app not on sd card, still installed, but the icon dissappears regularly from its place on my destop! :- only pinterest, nothing else
    06-30-2017 07:58 AM
  7. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    @Dancing Petal Welcome to the forums as a new member. Great user name!
    06-30-2017 10:08 AM
  8. Ms Sagacity's Avatar
    I have thé same problem with only my Pinterest App, which has now also disappeared from my settings page list as well as my. home page.It also no longer appears as a share
    option on any site.This did not
    happen in the past, so I was able to access Pinterest by
    selecting the share arrow and
    then selecting the Pinterest icon. The only other way was if the site I wanted to pin something from offered the Pinterest Icon as an option.
    I don't know what happened
    yesterday but none of these
    things work. However,when I went to Pinterest help site on Google it showed me pages
    of pins I would be interested in selecting for my very diverse collection of boards. the help site also suggested I try installing a new updated app but unfortunately I don't have space for it. I haven't installed any new apps in quite a while, yeah I would have to remove at least 5 apps to accommodate a new updated Pinterest app
    03-25-2018 06:35 PM

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