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    On my galaxy S3 while speaking with AT&T support regarding severely diminished coverage at my house, 3 - 4's appeared on my screen as though someone had pressed the numeral 4 on the keypad 3 times. This happened while my hand cradled the phone from the back and I was on speakerphone. NOTHING came close to touching the keypad. I asked the technician if he had done anything and he gave me a definitive no.

    For the last 3 days my wireless access has been severely degraded where I only have access approximately 30% of the time compared to the last 2 years at 100%. In addition, I find my phone connecting to Canadian services as I do have roaming and live within 10 miles of the border, as well as sporadically connecting to some AT&T microcell which I knew nothing about until speaking with AT&T regarding my issues.

    This has never happened before and the phone was brand new as of August 2016. How is this possible?
    03-04-2017 01:55 PM

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