1. AC Question's Avatar
    Samsung s7 edge had glitches so I had to send it away for factory reset. I was told the files I had saved in my memory card in private mode would be accessible when I got the device back and re-set-up private mode but so far I haven't been able to access the files on the external harddrive. I've checked with file manager that the same amount of space on the card is still used up, and by files in the storage/private folder, but I cannot access them. Any advice would be more useful than the nonsense from the idiots in the store I went to who said they should be accessible after setting up private mode again.
    03-04-2017 09:23 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Most likely those files are lost due to the factory reset, assuming the encryption key used to make the files private was tied to the previous install of the OS.

    The guys at the store should have known better.
    03-04-2017 11:07 PM

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