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    I loved the personalized ringtone feature. I had one assigned for each family member, and another, favorite song for my general ringtone. A few months ago, that all went away.

    Initially, I could reset the ringtones, and they would last--for the day.

    Now I can't even do that, and if I try to add a song in my library, all that appears are Outlook calendar, outlook email, outlook sent mail, hangouts message, and calendar reminder. I mean, WTF?

    I checked, and rechecked that I have the songs in my library, and that they are downloaded. I even bought them AGAIN.

    Called Samsung, and their advice was to take it to a Best Buy (why? I didn't buy it there?) and have it rolled back to an older version of Android OS.

    Here's what I am doing, currently. Phone>Contacts>I pick a contact>edit button>Ringtone>Add>

    That's when I get folders, tracks and "albums" populated by Outlook.

    03-05-2017 11:54 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Is this an S5 or Note5? If it's an S5, are the songs saved to Internal Storage or the SD card?

    If the songs are saved to Internal Storage, make sure they're in the Ringtones directory.
    03-06-2017 03:15 AM

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