1. AC Question's Avatar
    LG G4 on Sprint

    Android 6.0
    Model #: LGCS991
    Software #: L8991ZVE

    So, I updated Android and 2 days later i get the "Unfortunately..." messages. i cannot access the rear camera. I cannot answer calls or hang up outgoing calls (other then remove the battery) due to the call app not launching and giving me access to the 'answer' or 'decline' buttons.

    I've been searching around the net and tried the following:

    rebooting the phone and removing the battery overnight = failed
    clearing cashes of both camera and call app = failed
    booted phone in safe mode = failed
    factory reset = failed

    Took the phone to Sprint store. They insisted on making me do all of the above listed again, which is fine, they have protocols I guess. Afterward, no success. Since I do not have insurance on my phone (why would I pay $17 a month? I take good care of my phones), that I could pay $75, send it off for a week+, and have Sprint maybe fix my phone. Repair is NOT guaranteed.

    Sprint is not willing to work with me, perhaps someone has a solution that has worked? Is there a way to downgrade on these Sprint phones? I've seen Verizon solutions involving such, but I'm not rooted.

    Any help will immensely appreciated.
    03-07-2017 07:39 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Was this an official update pushed to your phone by Sprint? If so, I would contact Sprint by phone and ask to escalate to a higher tier of support. Explain to the first tier support that you've already tried all of the above steps, and that since the update pushed by Sprint caused this problem, then Sprint should take some responsibility. Be polite, but persistent, and keep asking to speak to higher-level managers if you're not getting anywhere. Don't get mad or threatening, since that will make customer service just shut down and refuse to help completely.

    You could also see if LG Bridge has a software repair feature: LG BRIDGE - COPY FILES, AND BACKUP YOUR DEVICE
    03-08-2017 12:05 PM
  3. cloneborg's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply.

    I've worked my way through the echelons of Sprint's tech support only to find out that the amount of technical help they provide is the same as 30 min of time spent here or in xda... I was told to take it to a repair store and have them run a diagnostic. I plan on doing that soon, but I don't have high hopes.
    03-13-2017 12:35 PM
  4. cloneborg's Avatar

    So Sprint would not help, nor would they let me return the phone and cease those dumb monthly payments they make their customers endure now.

    So, I removed the micro SIM card from the phone and did a factory reset. Camera now works. Haven't tried the call yet because I haven't switched back from an old phone, but plan to do so tonight.

    Hope this corrects the problem for someone else out there. I missed my 4G after having to resort to an old HTC one...
    03-24-2017 12:58 PM
  5. cloneborg's Avatar

    Problem began again with the Call. The Camera seems to work fine now.

    If I remove the microSIM card and boot the phone, everything seems to work, call, camera, etc. When I put the SIM back in, the error message returns for the Call app.

    So, I took the phone to a Sprint store hoping that they could either replace my microSIM or something. I was told the phone needed to be replaced. The rep told me that the G4 had a bunch of bad phones with bad processors and that replacing the SIM would do nothing because the SIM card is what runs the phone...which I thought to be an outright lie. He just kept plugging the LG G6...

    Result: A return to a plea for help if anyone has a solution...
    03-26-2017 04:31 PM
  6. cloneborg's Avatar

    So the problem is the proximity sensor...

    Let me preface this with I don't have a screen cover. I took my phone apart and put it back together, but in the reassemble, I forgot to put the small black rubber spacer for the proximity sensor back.

    All of a sudden, the camera and the call app work again. Unfortunately, then I can only wake my phone out of sleep by holding it up to a light and fiddling with it or plugging it into a charger. Messing with the accessibility settings, I can make things less annoying, but makes the phone useless in the dark. I went into the service menu (5689#*991#) and found that the sensor wasn't working. It was only reading the nearest value as 0.0 no distance values at all.

    So, I replaced the proximity sensor spacer and the phone will wake from sleep, but the call app and the camera no longer work... went back into the service menu to find the proximity sensor works fine, but the camera fails and crashed the miniOS...

    I guess I'll just remove that black spacer and deal with it for now.
    04-28-2017 11:36 AM
  7. mmmmag's Avatar
    Had the same problem. checked the hidden service menu. Factory resets did not work, but a factory reset from within the service menu worked.
    09-02-2017 06:13 PM
  8. Hamza Mehar one day you well miss me's Avatar
    Call and camera has not warking plz halp me
    10-20-2018 10:16 PM
  9. Rukbat's Avatar
    Hamza, this is an old thread. But is your problem the same? Did it start with an update? If so, are you in the US? If so, who is your carrier?

    If no to any of the above, please tell us - we can't help you with only what you posted.

    Or did you actually want your post deleted? (It seems that you reported it.)
    10-21-2018 03:05 PM
  10. F1CT1C10U5's Avatar
    Just experienced this issue after changing sim card... Call and Camera stopped working over and over again.
    How I solved it: Go to the specific app that is causing you trouble, and clear cache/files (too bad I only found this after 3 factory resets).
    12-02-2018 12:31 PM

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