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    About 2 weeks ago I started having problems with charging where I could plug in the phone, and it wouldn't recognize for a few seconds that its not charging, and then it does but it cuts in and out of charging all the time. And now for the past week the problems have progressed and become rather irritating, when watching content on youtube the phone constantly pauses the videos, sometimes work perfectly, often is tempermental and pausing to the extent of giving up on watching. I could be on a webpage, the phone will refresh the page right back up the top, and can also proceed to do this multiple timews until you give up. The same thing happens on tumblr, twitter etc etc.

    I've had the phone since november and after about 3 weeks when the phone was plugged in charging, it recognized that it was charging but the phone simply wouldn't take in any power and was losing battery as it was plugged in. The store I bought it from said that having certain apps could have that effect on the phone but they factory reset it anyways.

    Should i factory reset my phone? it's rather irritating to have to reset the phone and lose everything on it, (I know I can back it up) and then have to re-download all the apps again and set them all up, and then arrange my interface how i like it.

    Sorry for the long winded complaining question lol. I'm just wondering would resetting fix the problem, but is it just a temporary fix? Can't help but feel like I've gotten the dud phone of the bunch.
    03-07-2017 10:32 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    That sounds like about 2 separate problems - a bad motherboard possibly, and a bad power connector.

    It has to go to a real repair shop. (Most carrier stores couldn't fix a piece of string if it wasn't even broken.)
    03-07-2017 11:40 PM

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