1. AC Question's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy s5 SM-G900FD
    Android : 6.0.1
    Security Patch 1 Feb, 2017
    Kernal Version : 3.4.0-7985467

    Latest updated last week

    and since last week updates, the next day i am having issue. to all outgoing calls, earpiece is silent at first, no dialing tone, busy tone etc.. or when some one attend call no voice coming or going. unless and until i toggle speaker or voice clarity icon.

    too much frustrating.

    my phone so paired by my cars bluetooth, read somewhere it causes error due to that. i've un paired now.

    had cache wipe from recovery booting but nothing succeed .
    restart , battery un plug didn't worked.

    kindly advise.
    03-08-2017 07:43 AM
  2. Ashif Zubair's Avatar
    ps : "above is my question, just logged in and added a reply. "
    03-08-2017 07:46 AM
  3. Ashif Zubair's Avatar
    ok, got a fix. posting here so some else facing issue may be able to get it resolved.

    fix is to power off
    pull out the battery and sim
    wait for a couple minutes
    put everything back and turn on the phone.
    make a call and test.

    if above doesn't work, then try to wipe out cache memory from recovery booting (power off the mobile then) by pressing volume up + home + power button
    when phone goes to recovery booting use volume key to scroll to wipe system cache press power button to select and then select yes.

    after that restart phone.
    then repeat the initial process
    03-09-2017 12:10 AM
  4. Ashif Zubair's Avatar
    unfortunately, the fix only worked for 2-3 calls dialed. its happening again. any hopes to find solution ?
    03-10-2017 02:31 AM

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