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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini GTS5570 (Android 2.3.6)m

    There is a 'Google Search' icon on my phone's screen and, when I search for 'Play Store app download', I get taken to https://play.google.com/Store/Apps and click on the link only to be told 'This browser is no longer supported'.

    Underneath this text is a link that says 'Please use the Google play store app to access Google play'. So I press on it and I am taken to another screen that says 'Server error' with an adjacent button inviting me to 'Retry' (which makes
    no difference).

    All I am trying to do is download the Google Play Store app so that I can download and install WhatsApp (whatever version is compatible).

    Thanks for any help.
    03-10-2017 05:40 PM
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    That 'Google Search' is used to find online content, stuff floating around the Internet, so it's not necessarily any particular item that's residing locally on your phone. If you want to access the Play Store take a look at your phone's Apps menu and tap on the icon for 'Play Store', and then just do a search there for WhatsApp.

    If the icon for the Play Store was inadvertently deleted off your main screen, while you're in your Apps menu, long press on the Play Store icon and a representation of the current screen will pop up where add a shortcut to it by just drag-and-dropping the icon there.
    03-10-2017 07:20 PM

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