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    Hello everyone. I own an Alcatel Idol 4 6055U. Here's my dilemma. Every Android I've owned over the last 2 years has had issues. The same basic issues, but slightly different for each phone. Yesterday I contacted Alcatel customer support yet again concerning issues with my phone. Issues such as phone calls coming in that don't show up on my call logs. I've answered the calls. No one responds on the other end. My back button continuously skips over letters, causing unnecessary time correcting a word at times. When sms texting, *the message I'm typing stops and I have to go back into my message to continue. The curser isn't even in the right spot. It will be in the middle of the message instead of at the end. At times the person's message with whom I'm texting will show up out of the dialog box in different print, in addition to receiving the message as usual. The time is always changing. I don't know much about operating systems. I downloaded a file manager from Google Play and found lots of files marked "SQlite injection", hijacked, UDP connection, and more. I even found wording explaining how "they" will only see something about shared user files bc "they're" not on some list (I can provide a copy). I have reset my phone number numerous times. Same issues.*

    All this being said, I have good reason to believe I know the hacker who is responsible. This individual lives states away. It would all have to be done remotely.*

    I don't know what to do. I'm begging someone for help. Thank you for your time.
    03-11-2017 09:25 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Does any of this occur in Safe Mode? How to turn on safe mode on Alcatel Idol 4
    03-13-2017 04:18 AM

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