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    I have an old ZTE Zinger with Android 4.4. The other day when I turned my phone on, there was no wifi. The symbol wasn't even in the status bar. I went into Settings and the wifi was turned off but the button was grayed out so that I could not switch it on. I tried restarting my phone, but it was hanging on the T-Mobile logo and would not shut down, so I had to do a hard restart and then it was fine. Wifi worked and it shut down properly later. Yesterday I charged it, and when I turned it on afterwards, I had the same problems, plus a new one. No wifi, now no cell signal (the symbol was there, but had an X), could not shut down or restart the phone the regular way because it would hang on the logo, could only do a hard restart. The restart did not fix the problem this time, and the only way to turn the phone off once powered on is to remove the battery. Plugging it in did not help. Tried a factory reset, but it did not help (the reset only took a few seconds, which seems fast to me). Checked md5 and it says there are 12 differences, even after reset. SIM card works in another phone, and the fact that there is now no SIM card in the Zinger doesn't even register, where normally I would expect some kind of error message. Any idea what could be wrong? No apps had been installed or updated recently. Haven't dropped the phone or anything. Everything looked okay when I opened it up.
    03-13-2017 12:08 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I'd guess either a corrupt firmware or a faulty motherboard. I doubt you'll be able to fix either of those issues yourself, because trying to reinstall the firmware likely requires the phone to be rooted first.
    03-13-2017 01:23 AM

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