1. AC Question's Avatar
    So Ive had a Sony Experia E4 for about 6 months and it used to work fine. But for some reason its stopped charging. I left it on charge all day today and the percentage never got past 37%. And after using it for 2 minutes, still on charge, it dropped to 35% and won't charge any higher. I tried swapping outlets, and using a Samsung s6 charger, but the results are still the same. I checked the battery info and it said that my battery was good and not damaged. I just don't know what to do?
    03-14-2017 11:01 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Use it until it shuts off automatically from low battery, then charge it on a wall outlet overnight, and see if it gets to 100%.
    03-15-2017 06:49 PM

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