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    Hi all! Posting to the forum after a long time. Need your expert help in selecting my new phone.

    I am quite keen on the newly launched A5 2017, but then the OnePlus 3T gives so much more. I also just noticed the Moto G5 Plus.

    But -

    -I recently read OP3T reveals the IMEI no while sending info back to the company, and in general I am unsure if getting a handset from a Chinese manufacturer poses more privacy risks than usual.

    -I am not a gamer, and really don't think I need the top end chipset/processor. Wouldn't 3GB RAM and 1.9 GHz suffice for most purposes?

    -But then there is the new Motorola G5 Plus, and now I am finding the price difference between it and the Samsung significant.

    -One important reason for going with Samsung is their really low SAR values. Motorola, Apple etc. are among the highest. Should I even be keeping SAR values in mind while selecting a handset?

    03-16-2017 12:31 AM

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