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    I have a Samsung Galaxy grand prime. Whenever I try to update an app or download a new one, it asks me to delete some old ones and that I don't have enough space. I checked the requirements and my remaining space and I should have enough. I can still access my gallery, I know there have been some problems regarding that.
    Device memory:
    Total space: 8.00GB
    Available space: 450MG
    System memory: 3.50MB
    Used space: 2.93GB
    Applications: 2.93GB (which matches my used space?)
    Pictures, videos: 0.00B (I don't have many, but that seems wrong.)
    Audio: 3.31MB
    Cached data: 778MB
    Miscellaneous files: 374MB
    03-17-2017 11:01 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Delete the Cached Data. That will free some storage.

    Perhaps you are saving your photos to an SD card?
    03-18-2017 06:02 AM

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