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    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some assistance in powering on a Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone. Full disclaimer: This is NOT my phone, I actually found it discarded in a snowbank without a backplate, and my primary aim is to return this phone to it's original owner if that can be discovered. I can't speak to it's prior usage. I do own a Galaxy Tab, but have never fiddled with a Samsung smartphone extensively

    After cleaning the phone up, I attempted to charge it overnight, assuming that the battery was dead, and while I have not once been able to get the screen to turn on, it has made notification noises on at least four occasions, all as accompanied by the vibrate function. The notification sound effect that I hear from it is five notes and cheerful, but I can't place it's name or specific purpose.

    The back plate is missing entirely, and I have reseated the battery, drained the power, and attempted using multiple cables to make a connection. I have no idea if I've been able to charge it or if it's living in a coma off of it's last real charge, and for what it's worth, my computer doesn't recognize it when plugged in. Neither the screen nor charge light come on, and before I found the phone, the SIM card had been removed (there isn't a micro SD card installed either.)

    Does anyone have an idea to get this phone back in a state where I can turn the screen on? I'd ideally like to give it back to it's original owner if possible or wanted, but I'd need to turn it on before I approach any step regarding the phone's ownership. Yes, I have tech repair shops nearby if I need to get it serviced.

    Thanks for any advance assistance, I'd be happy to supply what information I can obtain!
    03-22-2017 09:26 PM

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