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    I actually have a few questions, but they all tie into root information for my device.

    I given a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime model # SM-920L that is a Straight Talk sold phone, not a BYOP. I discovered that it has been rooted and not much else. After researching for a month I have found very little information about the phone itself other than many have had similar questions with no answers.

    The root prevents me from playing Poke'mon Go, what can I do to enable playing the game?

    The device also has no place to edit APN settings, I would like to change that.

    I am unable to use the data while talking on the phone unless the wifi is enabled. Is there a way to change this as well?

    My 4g LTE suddenly stopped working the other day, I dialed *22890 and it restored my data, but only 3g.

    Things I've tried after every "new" change.
    -rebooting phone
    -taking out battery for a few
    -turning on/off airplane mode and mobile data

    I also tried to unroot the device but nothing I tried was successful.

    Any information about any of this would be greatly appreciated and thanks to any who answer in advance!!
    03-23-2017 05:30 AM

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