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    My old phone was a Moto G with 5.5GB of storage. I was constantly around 4.5 to 5.GB used.
    I now have a Galaxy 5 with 16 GB of storage. I use google photos and have about the same number of app. and factory bloatware. Why does my Galaxy 5 use 14.5 to 15.mg of storage with basicly the same amount of storage being used???
    03-23-2017 10:32 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Your old Moto G was presumably an 8 GB phone, of which 2.5 GB was taken up by the OS and bloatware, leaving you with 5.5 GB of free space. Your Galaxy phone (is it an S5 or Note5?) has a total of 16 GB of storage, but a certain chunk of that is taken up by the OS as well as bloatware. Samsung phones are more notorious for bloatware, and I think on the S5, 8 GB was used by the OS and bloatware, leaving you with only about 8 GB. If you account for the fact that apps nowadays are probably bigger than they were when you were using the old Moto G, along with various photos and other files you may have saved to the phone, it's not too hard to see how the phone can be almost full.
    03-24-2017 02:04 AM

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