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    I was on Snapchat the other day (on my phone) when I suddenly experienced issues with my phone acting weird (incredibly slow, impossible to turn off etc.) so I "put it to sleep" and put in my pocket. About 5 minutes later, it was SUPER hot. No apps were running and I had previously cleared its memory. I restarted the phone and all the sudden my camera would not work. I restarted it again - still no camera. I uninstalled Snapchat, cleared the camera app's cache and data -- nothing.

    Out of pure curiosity I later tried to open Snapchat on my tablet to see if it was Snapchat's fault. When I tried to take a picture everything froze and after a while the app crashed. I tried opening it again and BOOM, camera was dead (can't connect to camera).

    I've had both devices for some time, but I still find it very unlikely that both of their cameras would stop working at the same time with no sure way of fixing it.

    Both devices tell me to restart them, but as previously stated: it doesn't work. Need help ASAP!
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    03-25-2017 01:33 PM
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    I had the same problem, just not as bad. I have the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 and everything time I try to use the camera and take a video, it says "can't connect to camera." I just figured that out and I'm really confused. I tried using other camera apps and restarting apps but idk. Also help.
    05-17-2017 12:26 AM

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