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    I found some really creepy sound sound files that were from 7-25 minutes long in my music player that all were named 6355[random number]0000. They were a long series of beeping, scratching, etc. sounds that just sounded creepy. I used my file explorer (Solid Explorer) to find where they came from because I wanted to get it off my phone and far away from me. It comes from a folder called Wsoftvn_6355[long number]0000. I found that Wsoftvn is a developer on Windows phones that made an app I used called Mp3Tube. No matter how many times I press delete on it, it doesn't go away. How do I get rid of it. It doesn't seem to use any room but those sounds were creepy as f*** and I want to wipe all remnants of it from my SD card. HOW?
    03-25-2017 02:02 PM

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