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    i bought a galaxy note 8 tab at a local pawn shop a couple years ago. around the summer 2015. When starting, it has an at&T logo so I assume it was originally bought at an at&t store, but I'm not sure. the android is 4.1.2 jelly bean. when trying to upgrade the software it states that my software is up to date. any suggestions on what may be wrong or how i can get the latest android updates? a lot of new apps I have tried lately wont even download on jellybean. I am a senior living on just SS so I don't have the money to buy a newer tablet. I love this tablet it is all I need if I can get the upgrade. any help would be so greatly appreciated.
    03-25-2017 10:34 PM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    Unfortunately, not all devices get the latest update. In Settings, what model tablet do you have? We could tell you if that device is expected to get a further update. However, it's very likely that tablet won't get any further updates if there isn't one available.
    03-26-2017 07:33 AM

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