1. AC Question's Avatar
    recently I reset my phone and now I can't sign Google account ..it's says "there was a problem communication with Google serves " I cant do anything even cant search something in chrome. ..I need help
    03-26-2017 12:09 PM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    there are a lot of solutions here :

    method 1 :

    Go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown sources
    Head over to apkmirror (apkmirror dot com /apk/google-inc/google-play-services) **I can't post links so you can figure that part out** and get the version of Google Play Services that is applicable to the version of Android that you have on your device.

    method 2 :
    1. Remove your google account.
    2. Download root explorer apk by googling it and install it to your device.
    3. Open root explorer first mount it as read and write (you can see the mount option from root explorer main window clearly) and move on to
    this directory (system>etc>long press hosts and select "open in text editor ")
    4. Then erase everything there and type following . localhost
    # android.clients.google.com
    5. Save it and by touching 3 dots on top right corner then save and exit
    6. Now if u have not google play services installed (You can check it in settings>Application manager) then download apk by
    googling(Google play services apk for android 4.4/5.0 or for whatever version you are on) .
    7.Once installed simply go to settings>add account>google account and you will be able sign in normally.And wont receive any error
    03-26-2017 07:24 PM

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