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    Hi everyone,

    After smashing my HTC One M9 screen quite badly, we attempted a repair from home. Unfortunately I had ordered a full new front with frame and LCD etc instead of just the glass part - which is where the fun began! Managed to take the phone totally to pieces, but on removing the very last part accidentally ripped a hidden ribbon cable on the top of the phone behind the top speakers.

    What I'm looking for is - does anyone know where we can find a replacement part for the top speaker assembly? It's a plastic part hidden behind the daughter board, and houses the earpiece speaker. It has 3 copper connectors and a ribbon cable on the underside.

    There's plenty of replacement parts for the bottom speaker assembly but so far we've found nothing for the top! We would need it to come with the ribbon cable also.

    If anyone has any info about this part, where I could buy one or if it has an official name it would be much appreciated :-)

    Thanks, Chelsea
    03-28-2017 05:08 PM

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