1. AC Question's Avatar
    For the last 2 weeks, I haven't had any new downloads, but a new lock screen appears when I plug in and unplug my phone.

    The charging meter is in the top left, a menu selection top right with only one option: mute, and it says things center screen like "Good morning" "Good Night" etc.

    The background is fantastic photography, honestly. I'm just curious as to how it got onto my phone.

    I need to "slide to unlock" and that leads me to my normal lock screen, of which I have locked via fingerprint.

    I searched the questions here, but found that most lock screen issues like these came with unwanted ads. Mine doesn't have ads. It's rather pleasant, but all the same I'm rather confused as to what's initiated the change.

    Any thoughts?
    03-29-2017 02:19 AM
  2. lynwlms's Avatar
    I am having the exact same problem with my Samsung 6. Was going to ask, then came across your question. The last thing I downloaded was the Walmart Check In app. The new lock screen pictures change like it's a screensaver of some type. Thanks for any help!
    03-29-2017 05:25 AM
  3. joeldd's Avatar
    I also started this problem last night around midnight.
    Can we compare setups either here or privately?
    I have a Verizon with Samsung Note 4, running Android V6.0.1 and security patch level Feb 1, 2017.
    The following 7 apps have updated via Google Play on my phone in the past 24 hours:
    cPro Craigslist Mobile Client
    Pocket Casts
    Spotify Music
    Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Thanks, Joel
    03-29-2017 10:35 AM
  4. joeldd's Avatar
    This appears to be the Samsung's pre-installed app "Peel Remote".

    It seems to be a "planned thing" as Peel Remote has settings to mute notifies on the app for 30 days (and $0.99 a month to update past ads).

    Removing the last update to Peel Remote immediately stops the extra screen (but not a good long term solution).

    So long term either

    1) Uninstall / disable Peel Remote

    2) Come up with a way you like to disable this "new feature" of Peel Remote

    Found it at the following link.
    Peel Remote App Hijacks Lockscreen
    03-29-2017 10:56 AM
  5. lynwlms's Avatar
    I'm T-Mobile, Samsung 6. V6.0.1, security patch January 1, 2017. I downloaded the Walmart Check In program Sunday. The only update I'm remembering is Zedge.
    03-29-2017 12:39 PM
  6. lynwlms's Avatar
    Thank you! Turned it off and the lock screen went away.
    03-29-2017 06:51 PM
  7. kb04090's Avatar
    Thank you for your post ... it was nice, but also CREEPY to have the phone start saying "good morning" and "good night". Thank you JoelDD for your solution!
    03-30-2017 08:21 AM

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