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    I've been relentlessly doing research on the S8/S8+ all day long to find out if it will eventually be launched in the exclusive maple gold and Coral blue colors.. Call me neurotic but I've owned the platinum gold versions of the Galaxy S6 and currently own the gold s6 edge plus, I was so disappointed when I found out the gold note 7 was region specific (given its explosive attributes I'm glad I never made the purchase.. My findings include sites claiming it will always be region specific and a few sites telling me to call down and wait, that they will eventually be released and that's why I held of the pre-order. I could always buy an unlocked version of the Maple Gold but I'd be losing my WiFi calling & Jump insurance through T-Mobile (given the price I'd be out $1000+ if anything happened to it) which is the last resort. I know it seems silly but I hate how Samsung positioned all the wonderful "options" for the S8 and its five color choices.. Last article I found stated that the exclusive colors will only be launched in North Korea, can anyone else confirm? I understand it might be too early and only time will tell but any insight into this would be appreciated also an explanation on why they only launch the most basic colors to the US..
    03-30-2017 06:03 PM

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