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    I have a galaxy tab a. It has worked well and mounted sd cards well for the year I've had it. Recently, after transferring files to the sd card via an otg device, the tablet unmounted the sd card and says it corrupted. However, i can read it in my phone.

    I've also tested it in an otg sd card reader in the tablet and it still says it's corrupted.

    I've now Backed up the data via my phone, but the tablet won't even reformat the card. I was happy to accept this as a freak problem and just use another sd card. This has Ben working, however, today I've just tried to read a different sd card from my go pro via an otg reader and again it says the card is corrupted when it isn't.

    Any help would be appreciative. I'm overlanding by motorcycle in Africa and using the tablet and otg devices to manage and backup all my photos and go pro footage. The tablet now won't recognise 2 of my 3 sd cards so this is becoming a big problem.

    03-30-2017 06:47 PM

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