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    hi ,
    i bought a refurbed moto droid turbo 2 and wanted to use the Moto Loop feature, i went ahead and configured my email and the next step asked for the sms verification, and i noticed there is hardcoded country code +1 for the sms verification where you provide your mobile number, I am in Pakistan and i need it to be changed to +92 rather than +1 so I googled and found that we could change the reference country from Assisted Dialing so i went to dialer clicked on options button and then
    Settings > Calls >Assisted Dialing > Reference Country and changed it to Pakistan. then went back to moto Loop app but it still showed +1.
    What i have tried so far after changing the reference country
    1. Closed the app from background and then started it again.
    2. Force Stop and Disabled it and reenabled it again .
    3. rebooted the mobile.

    but so far it has'nt changed, any one came across this and know how to change it
    04-01-2017 11:46 AM

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