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    My phone randomly turns black with a small x in the corner. I've found that while I'm on the phone, it takes itself off speaker phone as well. Also, while my phone is locked, it will randomly light up and go to the home screen. It also has been locked and then went to Samsung Gear, some virtual reality app, which strangely I don't even have on my phone.

    I had issues like this previously, a few months ago maybe, but it seemed to resolve itself. This has only started to happen again this morning. However, it's much worse than the first time. Please someone help!! I'm thinking maybe the phone is hacked. But how would I go about fixing this!? It's starting to do all this random stuff so much, it's hard to even use my phone!!
    04-05-2017 10:38 AM
  2. ilvkristen's Avatar
    I wanted to add that, at times, it's hard for me to even get my phone to unlock. It seems to be getting worse.
    04-05-2017 10:40 AM
  3. ilvkristen's Avatar
    My phone has a system update, I'm installing that now to see if this helps!!! Please any insight on this matter would be so helpful. Thanks so much!
    04-05-2017 10:42 AM

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