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    When I bought my secondhand Galaxy Note 2 (N-7100) a couple of years back, one of the first things I did was to root it.

    KingRoot worked well and it automatically installed Purify which I am sure is the deleting app. I have used the latter to remove stuff although with some trepidation since anything with the word 'Google' I dare not but would love to! Anyway that is another story.

    Recently the phone is reporting far more frequently 'KingRoot can damage your device'. Be nice to get rid of the persistent message. Is it 'safe' to get rid of Kingroot and if so, will the phone remain rooted? Will I need to replace Purify to allow future deletions?

    Thanks all
    04-13-2017 07:52 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. The last I knew, you needed to have KingRoot in place to maintain root access. So, once deleted, root will be lost. Again, this is based off the last I knew about KingRoot.

    What does Purify do? I got conflicting results searching the net.
    04-13-2017 09:37 AM
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    Think about replacing KingRoot with SuperSU:

    Also, you have a Samsung device so in the future try to avoid those one-click rooting apps. A much safer, Samsung-only alternative is to use Odin or Heimdall, both require a computer and are more labor intensive on your end, but the convenience of those one-click solutions often involves a price (your device's privacy).
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    04-13-2017 11:31 AM
  4. eepee's Avatar
    Apologies if I have messed up the reply - not sure that my initial log-in was successful.

    Thank you for the answers.
    I thought Purify was the program I used to do deletes and nothing else. Maybe I was wrong.

    It would apear that SupeSU is the way to go. Especially sine the link given is specific for KingRoot - SuperSU.

    I shall try it in the coming week.

    Once again, thanks.
    04-15-2017 09:20 AM
  5. eepee's Avatar
    Well I finally found a few moments in which to do the update to SuperSU as was suggested in the thread.

    It has been a dismal failure!

    Followed the steps, got stuck when trying to upload the binary. Doesn't matter if you restart, reset, switch-ff.

    So got rid (I think) of Kingroot. and still no difference.

    Then on reading about SuperSU, I get the impression that it does not itself do any rooting. Thus I have not bothered to install SupeSU using alternative scheme 2 since presumably, SU would be useless until the phone is rooted?

    Any ideas? ??? There was the mention of Odin/Heimdall but am finding reading about them and being clear as to what they do difficult. For example is flashing the same as Rooting??

    Thanks all.
    05-05-2017 04:26 AM

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