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    I am in my 80s I and not very good with mobiles but son has Samsung so went to shop today they suggested Samsung J3.I downloaded the PDF manual and think I could manage this phone,I can see a shop online a bit cheaper and,seriously thinking about it,it has dual sim and 8gb,what I need to know is what's this 3 g and 4 g? and will my sim and mini micro SD card store my music and changing these to the new phone will everything work OK and can I keep my number or will I need to take it shop to setup,appreciate a little help
    Thank you
    04-13-2017 03:51 PM
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    Those terms refer to 3rd and 4th Generation mobile radio technology. 4G supports faster data transmissions, the effect of which for the user is an improved overall experience when using data-rich apps, such as YouTube. It's the way forward, though not essential....many users are still on 3G.

    The J3 is an inexpensive device. Are you sure that 8GB of internal storage would be enough for you?
    SIM cards can be transferred from one phone to another. If the size is different, they can be cut down or adapted up; your carrier or network provider will advise, and if necessary will have a new card made with your existing number on it.

    Most phones, including the J3, accept microSD cards, on which music and other files can be stored. Cards can be transferred from one phone to another without losing the files on them.

    I'm assuming you already have a phone. If so, what is it?

    Please consider registering as a member. You'll be welcome, and help and advice will be freely available.

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    04-13-2017 04:38 PM
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    The J3 is an inexpensive device. Are you sure that 8GB of internal storage would be enough for you?
    I think this is a really important point and should not be ignored. I don't think you should look at any phone that doesn't have at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Of course budgetary issues may mandate a budget phone but if you're able to, look at getting a phone with decent hardware specs. It's an investment in your quality of life, not an expense.A low resource phone on the other hand, will prompt you to make posts here in the Android Central forums wondering why your phone is lagging all the time and/or why you're always running out of storage space.
    If you don't want to spend the money on a flagship model there are countless options that will be much more affordable and still be really usable. There are used models:
    Or if you want to buy new (with a better warranty) think about something like a Moto G4:
    The Best Budget Android Phones | The Wirecutter
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    04-13-2017 06:13 PM
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    Those are wise words from both posters, modern smartphones have high storage requirements for the complex programs that run them and a large internal storage is a must. When you go to the phone shop, the helpful people usually set the new device up for you and sort out your sim card. They will set up a new one with your number of the existing one doesn't fit.
    Modern smartphones also can be data hungry so discuss with them how much data you have on your plan while you are there. Perhaps take your son along in case some tech stuff is too much for you...
    04-14-2017 01:21 AM

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