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    So I went through every forum and nothing so far helped, which is why I am writing my own post.

    One day I was charging my S6 as I was doing homework on my desk. At some point I noticed the LED light turn green. About 5 min. after noticing it, I unplugged the phone, but the screen did not turn on, as it should when you unplug it from a charger. I pressed the power button: nothing, I did every single button combination, as well as holding all the buttons: still nothing. I plugged it back to the charger, and still nothing; not even the LED light indicating that the phone is charging turned on.

    After leaving it in the charger for a bit, I checked the phone and the right edge of the phone got so hot that it was almost too hot to touch. After that I tried a different cable, a different outlet and everything else to try and see if I could get any type of a feedback from the phone, but nothing occurred.

    Getting a replacement phone was not an option because it was past its warranty. (Even though I replaced the phone last summer because my old S6 was having camera issues.) I bought a new battery for it, and replaced it, but nothing happened, so it is not a battery issue.

    A few month before this occurred, I noticed that there was some kind of a bubbling or some kind of a liquid seeping into the left upper and lower corner of the screen. I later found that it could have been the adhesive that seeped through because of the phone getting too hot.

    Anyway I think this is all I can say about the phone. If anyone has any ideas, or have faced this problem please let me know.

    Thank You!
    04-13-2017 09:01 PM
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    Call the phone to eliminate the screen being faulty. If it rings it's a screen issue.
    If you replaced the battery, then chances are some component wasn't connected correctly, or has come undone /shorted out... I'd take it to a repair shop before it has a meltdown and sets your home on fire... Or at least take the back off again to see if you can spot any issue...
    04-13-2017 09:17 PM

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