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    I have an Image of size 100X100 px and dpi 96. I want to make sure that the image is good enough for all screen sizes. I don't show it on all the screen, but just on a small part of it.

    On Nexus 5x which has 683X411 dp screen size, I show the picture on 120X120 dp.
    On screen size of 1280X800 dp, I'll show it as 228X228 dp (relatively to every screen size).

    Basically - is an image of size 100X100px and dpi 96 good enough to show as 228X228 dp (if i consider the largest screen I might use).
    It looks o,k on the emulator, am I missing something (with all that theory of dpi, dp, resolution...)?

    Thank you?
    04-17-2017 03:29 PM

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